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KrosFlo® Perfusion Flow-Path Assemblies and Systems

Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration Perfusion

Since 1989 Spectrum has been providing hollow fiber filters for Bioreactor Perfusion. Recently the company has released new products for Bioreactor Perfusion. The current KrosFlo Perfusion product offering includes Single-Use Perfusion Flow Path Assemblies and Automated Perfusion Systems.

Spectrum's TFF assemblies for bioreactor perfusion are ready to use, single-use and gamma sterilized. With the elimination of autoclaving or steam sterilizing, set-up time is reduced to minutes from hours compared to existing perfusion technologies. The sterile perfusion flow-path assemblies can be used with the 3 system platforms; the KML 100 System [KrosFlo MagLev], KPS® 200 [KrosFlo Perfusion System] and KPS® 600 [KrosFlo Perfusion System]. The KML is a benchtop perfusion system for use with 1.5 to 100 liter bioreactors. The KPS 200 system is designed for use with 1.5 to 100 liter. The KPS 600 is designed for use on 100 to 2000 L. Both the KPS 200 and 600 are on a mobile cart so they can be easily moved to different locations within a facility. Both of the KPS systems have custom designed user interfaces to meet specific needs.

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