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Operating Room Equipment Drapes & Covers

A practical alternative to sterilants

Spectrum's Operating Room equipment drapes and covers are manufactured with anti-stat materials that make clinician application easy and changes between procedures fast. OR equipment drapes provide sterile integrity while reducing the risk of equipment damage from sterilants. Spectrum manufactures a wide range of equipment drapes and covers including OR cameras and video cameras covers, X-ray cassettes covers, C-Arm imaging drapes, ultrasound probe drapes, Neoprobe and bluetooth wireless device covers, catheter covers, banded bags, OR cart covers and foot pedal covers. Equipment drapes and covers are supplied sterile or bulk non-sterile for kits.

Custom equipment drapes and covers are available upon request.

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Product No.DescriptionDimensionsDrapes per CasePrice

704912TV/Video Camera Cover8" x 120"10REQUESTorder part 704912
706910TV/Video Camera Cover12" x 60"10REQUESTorder part 706910
706940Universal Enclosed Camera Drape7" x 96"50REQUESTorder part 706940
706920Universal Camera Drape7" x 96"50REQUESTorder part 706920
706921Universal Camera Drape5" x 96"50REQUESTorder part 706921
706931Tear Tip Camera Drape7" x 96"50REQUESTorder part 706931
706932Tear Tip Camera Drape5" x 96"50REQUESTorder part 706932
706941Large Camera Drape10" x 96"25REQUESTorder part 706941
706926Small X-Ray Cassette Drape18" x 20"50REQUESTorder part 706926
706927Large X-Ray Cassette Drape24" x 24"50REQUESTorder part 706927
706929Universal X-Ray Cassette Drape20" x 40"50REQUESTorder part 706929
706924Mini C-Arm Drape40" x 60"20REQUESTorder part 706924
706925C-Arm Drape27" x 17" x 70"20REQUESTorder part 706925
706950Nitrogen Tank Cover16" x 60"50REQUESTorder part 706950
706955Shea Drill Arm Cover10" x 39"50REQUESTorder part 706955
706960Microscope Post Drape18" x 80"20REQUESTorder part 706960
781983Ultrasound Probe Drape (Elflex)8" x 55"10REQUESTorder part 781983
781984Ultrasound Probe Drape (LDPE)7" x 96"12REQUESTorder part 781984
781986Universal Gamma Probe Cover5" x 96"50REQUESTorder part 781986
701424Footswitch Drape (non-sterile)14" x 24"50REQUESTorder part 701424
702412Remote Control Drape7" x 24"50REQUESTorder part 702412
703630Banded Bag30" x 36"20REQUESTorder part 703630
703631Banded Bag with tape straps30" x 36"20REQUESTorder part 703631
703636Banded Bag36" x 36"20REQUESTorder part 703636
706971Cart Cover Folded Non-Sterile34" x 24" x 36"20REQUESTorder part 706971
706970Cart Cover On Roll Non- Sterile34" x 24" x 36"100/RLREQUESTorder part 706970
706973Cart Cover Folded Sterile34" x 24" x 36"20REQUESTorder part 706973
956933ACUAcuNav Ultrasound Catheter Cover5" x 72"20REQUESTorder part 956933ACU
726000NEW! Ophthalmic Ocular Occluder2" x 5"100REQUESTorder part 726000

Click on any part number for pricing information or to place an order.

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