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The Eddleman Alchemical Art Collection

Spectrum's Founder, Roy Eddleman, has assembled a collection of Alchemical paintings which are now at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. This collection, along with the Chester Fisher and Herbert Dow Collections can be visited at The Chemical Heritage Foundation's Eddleman Research Museum.

These wonderful treasures depict chemists and alchemists at work for four centuries. They constitute an important record of and communication from our historical past. Art is a powerful form of communication; it transmits information through the power of visual imagery and created illusion. Beyond the more subtle message to their own contemporaries, artworks have immediate impact on the generations that follow.

Museum-quality reproduction of masterworks of seventeenth and eighteenth century European Art

Spectrum has reproduced some of the pictures which can be purchased for the cost of handling from our Rancho Dominguez headquarters. They add a wonderful dimension to the laboratory or office wall, displaying the riches, variety and antiquity of our chemical heritage.

Order by product number. Prints are color, 20,5 inches high x 25,5 inches wide and are shipped unframed, rolled in a mailing tube. Price is USD $9 for each which includes handling and postage in the USA only; additional postage applied to orders outside the continental USA. Add to your order or send check or money order to:
The Eddleman Collection
18617 Broadwick Street
Rancho Dominguez, California 90220-6435

The Chemyst
Cornelis Pietersz Bega, 1620-1664
Product No. 125100P

An Apothecary in His Laboratory
Thomas Wyck, 1616-1677
Product No. 125120P

The Alchemist
Moritz Karl Friedrich Muller, 1825-1894
Product No. 125140P

The Alchemist
Matheus Van Helmont, 1623-1679
Product No. 125130P

Interior of a Laboratory with an Alchemist at Work
David Teniers the Younger, 1610-1690
Product No. 125110P

The Alchemist
David Teniers the Younger, 1610-1690
Product No. 125150P
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