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Hollow Fiber (HF) Microfiltration

Ideal for cold sterilization, sample clarification or point-of-use filtration, Spectrum's Hollow Fiber Microfilters are ingeniously designed with looped DynaFibre® membrane (0,2 µm mixed cellulose ester hollow fiber) in a small filter device to maximize surface area (SA) and flow rate while minimizing membrane plugging and protein-binding (< 2µg/cm2). This efficiency is only possible with hollow fiber devices because the filtration occurs from outside the porous fibers into the multiple lumen that pass to the common outlet. Spectrum also incorporates a hydrophobic vent fiber in the microfilters (except DynaGard®) that readily passes air bubbles to avoid "air lock", a problem that commonly blocks the flow in other filter devices. Spectrum offers 5 Hollow Fiber Microfiltration devices: MiniKap®, MediaKap®, MediaKap Plus, CultureGard® and DynaGard.

MiniKap POU Filters MiniKap POU Filters
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MediaKap Filters MediaKap Filters
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CultureGard Filters CultureGard Filters
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DynaGard Syringe Tip Filters DynaGard Syringe Tip Filters
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