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KrosFlo® Plus Filter Modules

Evolutionary Hollow Fiber Tangential Flow Modules for Pilot Scale Filtration

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Spectrum Laboratories introduces the new disposable KrosFlo Plus hollow fiber modules. KrosFlo Plus features Spectrum's hollow fiber tangential flow membranes for the efficient separation of pilot scale applications combined with a new revolutionary "Plus Connection" housing design, making setup much quicker. Plus Connections provide a selection of system connection combinations that simplify both the initial system set up as well as the replacement of Spectrum disposable membranes, saving valuable time. All modules are autoclavable or are available irradiated (irr). The inlet/outlet ports are available in 1 1/2 inch Sanitary, 1/2 inch hose barb and 1/4 inch hose barb connections. The filtration side ports are available in 1 1/2 inch Sanitary, 1/2 inch straight or 3/8 inch hose barb connections. KrosFlo Plus modules are available in the same sizes and surfaces areas as Spectrum's popular KrosFlo production scale modules with the same high quality and disposable pricing. Use KrosFlo Plus in conjunction with the Spectrum KrosFlo Pilot Plus System and save even more time and money... Experience the Freedom of Plus Disposability!

SA (cm2)Scale LengthID (mm)TL (cm)L (cm)EL (cm)


Housing:Clear and Pigmented Polysulfone
Plus Connection Nut:Pigmented polysulfone, female thread
Plus Inlet/Outlet:1 1/2-in Sanitary, 1/2-in Hose Barb or 1/4-in Hose Barb, secured with threaded nut
Filtration Ports:1 1/2-in Sanitary, 1/2-in STR or 3/8-in Hose Barb
Process Volume:3 liters to 1,000 liters
Surface Area:0,3 to 5,1 m2

MembraneFiber IDMWCO
Mixed Cellulose Ester (ME)0,6 mm0,2 µm, 0,1 µm
Polyethersulfone (PES)0,5 mm0,5 µm, 0,2 µm
Polysulfone (PS)0,5 mm, 1,0 mm0,05 µm, 20 nm (500 kD), 100 kD, 50 kD, 10 kD

Selection Guide for KrosFlo Plus Connections

Filtration Side Port Connection

1 1/2 TC
1-1/2 inch tri-clamp fitting
1/2 STR
1/2 inch straight fitting
3/8 HB
3/8 inch hose barb fitting
1-1/2 inch tri-clamp fitting
1 1/2 TC
1/2 inch hose barb fitting
1/2 HB
1/4 inch hose barb fitting
1/4 HB

Advantages of Disposability

  • Easier FDA Validation
  • Saves Money & Time
  • No Cross-Contamination
  • Less Down-Time
  • Low Shear
  • Directly Scalable for Production
  • Easy Retrofit for other HF Modules


  • Cell Concentration, Clarification and Diafiltration
  • Lysate Clarification
  • VLP and Virus Concentration and Diafiltration
  • VLP and Virus Clarification
  • Protein Purification, Concentration and Diafiltration
  • Nucleic Acid Diafiltration and Concentration
  • NanoParticle and Latex Particle Diafiltration and Fractionation
  • In situ Conjugation and Fractionation
  • Bacteria Concentration and Diafiltration
  • Liposome, siRNA Concentration and Diafiltration
  • Inclusion body Clarification and Concentration
  • Bioreactor cell Perfusion and Media Exchange


KrosFlo Pilot Plus System
for volumes up to 2,000 L
Learn More >

KrosFlo LDF-37 System
for volumes from 50 to 750+ L
Learn More >

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