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Process Dialysis
Process Scale Dynamic Dialysis:

Large-volume Process Dialysis is an emerging technology driven by the increasing demand for gentle and consistent multi-batch purification at the production scale. While Laboratory Dialysis for research and analytical testing typically involves static stirring of small volumes for sample prep or solute release studies. Process Dialysis facilitates dynamic buffer flow around the membrane-encased sample to increase purification efficiency and improve large buffer handling for the production of fragile proteins, viscous fluids and polymer gels, such as hyaluronic acid.

Spectra/Por® Products Designed for Process Dialysis

Repligen offers top quality dialysis membrane, Turnkey systems and small volume devices to make sample analysis easy.

Process Scale Dynamic Dialysis Tank Systems

Repligen has developed processing flow-path components that quickly and easily assemble into a complete dynamic dialysis system for handling buffer volumes up to 500 liters. The system was designed to optimize gentle buffer flow and efficiency dialysis

full image of Buffer Flow

Process Scale Dynamic Dialysis Systems

5, 7 & 10 L complete tank systems with sanitary flow-through ports for increased dialysis efficiency of 0.2 - 2 L samples. more >

4-Port Processing Reservoirs

20 - 500 L PP reservoirs with 4-port cap and dip tubes for low shear flow and bottom port for easy drainage. more >

KR1 Peristaltic Pump

600 RPM digital pump drive with adjustable pump-head for continuous buffer/dialysate flow. more >


Replacement tubing, gaskets and fittings for dialysis systems. more >

Largest Membrane Selection Smart Dialysis

Smart Dialysis is using the right membrane to achieve optimal separation, increase efficiency, improve recovery and save time. SpectrumLabs.com offers the largest selection of dialysis membranes with 3 membrane types, 3 membrane treatments, MWCO's ranging from 100 to 1,000,000 Daltons and tubing flat-widths ranging from 10 to 140 mm.

Customized Dialysis Tubing & Membrane

Taking the membrane a step further, SpectrumLabs.com has the unique capability to customize the right membrane to fit specific application requirements. Ideal for multi-batch Processing Dialysis that requires consistent production, the dialysis tubing or membrane sheets can be customized for the product sample and conditions to save time, minimize handling and reduce costs.

full image of Buffer Flow

Options for Customization

  • Pre-cut & individually packaged pieces
  • Tubing pre-assembled with closures
  • 1-ply membrane rolls, sheets or discs
  • Pre-wetted or pre-treated membrane
  • Irradiated for sterility
  • Bulk packaged
Small Volume Devices for Sample Analysis

SpectrumLabs.com's Float-A-Lyzer® and micro Float-A-Lyzers are ideal for small volume sample analyses. These pre-assembled and ready-to-use devices make sample testing of production lots easy and convenient while assuring consistent multi-batch dialysis production.

full image of Buffer Flow

Options for Dialysis Devices

Float-A-Lyzer G2

1 ml, 5 ml, & 10 ml Volume sizes
100 - 1,000,000 Dalton MWCO more >

micro Float-A-Lyzer

100-200 µl and 400-500 µl volumes sizes
100 - 100,000 Dalton MWCO more >

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