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Dialysis Tubing Closures

Using resealable closures is the preferred method for sealing dialysis tubing without the risk of leaking. Tied knots are nearly impossible to open & re-seal and often result in damaged, leaking membranes. Spectrum offers two classes of Dialysis Tubing Closures, Universal Closures for use with all membrane types and specialized Spectra/Por® Closures with additional functional benefits for use only with Standard Grade tubing.

Universal Closures for All Membrane Types

Features & Benefits
Specially designed with gentle sealing ridges, Universal Closures are the ideal all-purpose closure that creates a reliable seal with all membrane grades, types and thicknesses. Available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification.

For best results, select a pair of closures that has a sealing width 4 to 10 mm longer than the flat width of the dialysis tubing. This assures a proper seal without membrane tearing.

Product Specifications: 1 Type
Functional Benefit:Universal, seals all membrane types
Membrane Types:Biotech CE, RC & PVDF; Standard RC
4 Sealing Widths:50 mm, 70 mm, 110 mm, 150 mm
6 Colors:White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black
Material:Polyamide 6,6 from Dupont (Nylon)
Operating Temp.:0 - 90°C
Sterilization:Gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide (not autoclavable)

Ordering Information:

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ColorClosure Sealing WidthQty
50 mm70 mm110 mm150 mm

White142150order part 142150142170order part 142170142110order part 142110142250order part 14225010/pkg
Red142152order part 142152142172order part 142172142112order part 142112142252order part 142252
Yellow142153order part 142153142173order part 142173142113order part 142113142253order part 142253
Blue142154order part 142154142174order part 142174--
Green142155order part 142155142175order part 142175--
Black142156order part 142156142176order part 142176--


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