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Spectra/Por® Hollow Fiber Dialysis Modules

Highly Efficient Dialysis of Multi-liter Volumes!

  • Complete Dialysis in Hours
  • Dialysis of 100 mL to Multi-liter Samples
  • Achieve Higher Purities
  • Concentration of Fragile Samples
Only Spectrum offers a highly efficient, counter-current dialysis device convenient and easy enough to operate in the laboratory. Based on the mechanics of a kidney, the Spectra/Por HF Dialysis Module is designed to provide much better performance than a conventional dialysis membrane used in a typical "static" dialysis set-up. The dialysis module consists of an open-ended bundle of hollow fiber membrane potted in a tubular housing to create two distinct flow chambers, lumen and extracapillary, each with inlet and outlet port access. The semi-permeable hollow fiber membrane that separates the two chambers selectively permits passage based on size and concentration gradient of solutes while restricting other solutes from passing between the 2 chambers. By operating the module in a counter-current flow mode, the solutes passing through the membrane are quickly swept away and diluted into a large volume of dialysate solution ("sweep"), maintaining the largest concentration gradient possible.

Major Design Features

  1. Hollow Fiber Membrane Geometry
    Drastically larger surface area increases the rate of dialysis
  2. Inlet / Outlet "Flow-stream" Connection Ports
    Dialysis of multi-liter volumes of sample & dialysate
    Dialysate to drain connection for single pass sweep
    Static encapsulation of delicate sample in extracapillary chamber
  3. Counter-current "Flow-stream" Design
    Prevents membrane polarization & fouling
    Continuous mixing & suspension of sample & dialysate
    Maintains the largest concentration gradient possible
    Highest mass transfer rate significantly reduces dialysis time

Product Specifications & Components

Housing:Polysulfone (PS)
Inlet/Outlet Ports:1/2" Hose Barb (HB)
Permeate Ports:Female Luer-Lok (FLL)
MWCO:10 kD
Sample Volume:100 ml - 10+ liters

Product Dimensions: 1 Module Size

Flow-Path Size (FP) D (mm)TL (cm) L (cm)EL (cm)
1x FP31,227,6 22,320,8

Ordering Information: click on Part No. to add to cart

Part No.Membrane
Performance Type
MWCOHF Dimensions
HF Surface Area

500-016HP Polysulfone10 kD200 x 280 µm6500 x 9100 cm2€333order part 500-016

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  • Rapid and Efficient Dialysis
  • Saves Valuable Time
  • Dialysis of Larger Sample Volumes
  • Flow Stream Prevents Membrane Fouling & Maintains Suspension of Solutes
  • Eliminates Need for Dialysate Changes
  • Open System: dialysate goes to drain
  • Closed System: dialysate recirculated


  • Desalting or pH Change
  • Plasma / Serum Concentration
  • Protein Preparation
  • Electrophoresis Gels
  • Antibody Concentration
  • Clarification and Purification
  • Binding Studies
  • Temperature Regulated Dialysis
  • Open System & Batch Dialysis

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