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Spectrum introduces the new Micro Float-A-Lyzer® to expand our popular line of ready-to-use dialysis devices for the easy and efficient dialysis of very small sample volumes (100-500 µl). Providing ultimate convenience, this preassembled device incorporates Spectrum's ultrapure Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE) tubular membrane into an easy-to-use design making laboroatory microdialysis easier than ever. Micro Float-A-Lyzer is available in 2 volumes sizes: 100 - 200 µl & 400 - 500 µl; and 7 concise MWCO's ranging from 100 - 100.000 Daltons.


  • Ready-to-Use & Complete
  • Easy Syringe Loading (no needle)
  • Total Sample Recovery
  • Ultrapure Biotech CE (no cleaning)
  • Largest Range of MWCO's
  • Maximizes SA & Minimizes Hold-up Volume

Designed for Ease-of-Use and Convenience

The Micro Float-A-Lyzer is designed to stand upright on bench-tops during experimental preparation as well as float and self-orient during dialysis. The leak-proof Luer-Lok® cap provides easy access with the included syringe for easy loading and sample retrieval. The units can also interlock for the simultaneous dialysis of multiple samples.

Sample Recovery & Purity

Spectrum's proprietary Biotech Grade CE is a low protein-binding, synthetic membrane available in 7 concise MWCO's and does not require pre-treatment or cleaning since there is no heavy metal and sulfide contaminants. The preformed tubular geometry provides maximum membrane surface area for dialysis efficiency and collapses flat permitting retrieval of every drop. Only Micro Float-A-Lyzer assures a 95-98% sample recovery while maintaining 98% sample purity.

Ready-to-Use Features

PP Luer-Lok cap:Open & close for in-process sampling
Color-coded for MWCO
Leak proof & re-sealable
Body Piece:Seals top/bottom ends of membrane
Buoyant & self-orienting
Membrane:Ultra-pure with 2 volume specific sizes
Sample Loading:1 ml syringe (included)

Product Specifications

Membrane type:Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE)
7 MWCO's:0,1-0,5 kD, 0,5-1,0 kD, 3,5-5 kD, 8-10 kD, 20 kD, 50 kD & 100 kD


2 Volume Sizes:100-200 µl400-500 µl
Height:4,4 cm6,3 cm
Width:4,5 cm4,5 cm
Thickness:1,9 cm1,9 cm
Membrane Flat Width:10 mm10 mm
Membrane Diameter:6,4 mm6,4 mm

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MWCOSample VolumeQty
(kD)Color Code100-200 µl400-500 µl
CE0,1 - 0,5Green
0,5 - 1,0Orange
3,5 - 5Black

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